Art Suggestions for Pixel Palette Scramble

Art Suggestions for Pixel Palette Scramble

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Hi all!

I made a little number called 'Instant Pixel Palette Scramble!' for this summer's OGA game jam.  You can find it (and all the other wonderful entries) over at the OGA game page:

The concept for IPPS! is simple, you're shown a nice piece of pixel art for a few seconds and than BANG! all the colors in the image are scrambled around.  It's then up to you to make the pixel art right again by swapping colors around until all the colors are back to their original pixels.

Well, I have a laundry list of improvements I'd like to make to the game once the competition is over, and top among them is to add more art to the game.

When concieving of the game, I foolishly thought it'd be easy to just plug all my favorite pixel art from OGA into the game and have it scramble away.  While theoretically that is possible, practically, I found it much harder to find art that worked well with the game's concept.   Basically, it turns out when you start scrambling colors around unscambling them gets really hard, really quickly. 

Currently, the game draws entirely from Clint Bellanger's wonderfull Heroine Dusk set (
Aside from being beautiful in and of themselves, Clint's sprites worked very well with IPPS! because they are large, clear and use only a few well differeniated colors (the DB16 palette to be precise).  The result is that when the colors are scrambled up it's still clear what the image is supposed to be but it's not obvious where the colors should go and it's not until the final color is swapped into place that the image really clicks. 

I tried a handful of other assets from OGA and found a few promising items (which unfortunately I had to cut from the Jam build due to time constraints).

Before going back to look for more, I thought I'd ask the community for suggestions.  (I figure it can't hurt and at the very least it might bring a few more eyeballs to the Jam).


Can anyone out there think of some good pixel art sets on OGA that might work well with Instant Pixel Palette Scramble!?

Again, what I found worked well with the Heroine Dusk set was a low color count, distinct colors, and clear outline/shapes. 

DB16 stuff seems to work ok generally.  I tried some DB32 stuff and it can work too, but like i said it can get real hard real quick.

Also on the list of post-jam features is way to let you load your own images into the game.