Just Uploaded Tons of MUSIC

Just Uploaded Tons of MUSIC

Hey everyone, the open game development community has helped me chase dreams over these last 10-15 years, so as a way of showing my thanks I'd like to give back to the community by sharing a ton of music I've developed which you may use for your own games.

Sometimes the focus was on game/film soundtracks, sometimes it was whatever inspiration I felt at the time, and sometimes it was just pure, raw musical experimentation. The songs cover a wide range of sound, instruments and moods. You might find them very strange, cool, or not useful at all. I don't mind either way.

The music is released under Creative Commons.

The uploads are as follows:

  • barren scrapyard 2
  • cnc machine
  • sylph
  • uto
  • ova
  • away
  • bent time machine
  • barren scrapyard
  • fantasy
  • mountain
  • other worlds than these
  • osmosis
  • shelf life
  • vanish
  • mysterious garden
  • plot
  • plot device
  • placid
  • piano 5
  • melede
  • melede deux
  • arbor
  • lids 2
  • riff 5
  • antehymn
  • undone
  • salem, 1692
  • wind song
  • forest
  • field of stairs 4
  • rupture

These songs haven't been mastered, but the mixdowns should sound decent enough. Some of them might not be "final" versions or as long as you'd want them to be, and I may choose to elaborate on one or more of these later down the road, so I can only offer them as they are now.

You can (temporarily) find the songs in the recent uploads section on this site, or by clicking my forum name and browsing my uploads. I also have more songs available at my website - http://glassocean.net.

If you decide to use one of these songs, please leave a comment here explaining what the project is and/or how you intend to use it. I do enjoy knowing when my work is being used and I might even promote your game on my website :) Also please remember to attribute the musical works to the artist (me) in your credits, see the How to Give Credit section here.

Also feel free to ask questions, drop some feedback, etc.