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I've been workng with colour ramps for the last few months and I understand them ok and have got my head around it all. I think what I'm struggling with at the moment is having the confidence in my selection of ramps, and questioning everything i do. Am i creating the right amount of contrast? am i using enough colours between? are my saturations to much, or to little? when is it ok to use a 'Straight ramp', do i consider dithering in some areas? It's not a very nice place to be at the moment doubting myself, and i don't know where its come from. I think what im looking for is for someone to say, 'hey your doing well, and your on the right track', or 'your going about it the wrong way'.

Heres a piece i've been working on with the ramps, so if anyone could comment on whats good and whats not i would really appreciate it. and perhaps a tip or 2. :)

thanks in advance.