Clint (aka "pfunked") here to answer questions

Clint (aka "pfunked") here to answer questions

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Hey 3D modelers!

I just wanted to drop a note letting you all know that I'm available to answer questions.

I've been doing 3D modeling since about 2002, right around the time when the campaign to buy Blender from the shareholders was going on.  (I was a poor college student at the time but I got to pitch in a couple bucks!)

I'm a programmer by trade, so I approach art from a very left-brain perspective.  Just like software is broken down into the atomic lines of code, 3D objects can be broken down into vertices, edges, polygons.

I specialize in low-poly 3D modeling, so I'm happy to answer beginner questions most related to gaming (box modeling, UV mapping, simple rigging and animations, baking and normal maps).  Also, if you have questions about Blender in particular I'm happy to answer them.