Pixel art UI icons needed for LPC Character Creator

Pixel art UI icons needed for LPC Character Creator

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Hi all!

I need some small pixel art UI icons for my character creator, for small details that won't show up on my preview images. This is an unpaid community request.

For those who don't know, the LPC character creator is going to be a free web app that will let game devs build their character, preview it in a small mini-game, and render animated character sheets. It already has a bigger repository than Makrohn's Universal LPC set and Gaurav's generator, and I've personally been going over every asset and checking them frame by frame for errors, as well as adding in new body types, new clothing, and a wide variety of color options. I'm putting in a ton of work to make this professional, reliable, and intuitive in hopes of drawing more attention to the LPC art set, so I'd love to have some really well made icons.

For my preview buttons, I need:

  • A well drawn, pretty eye with noticeable eye color. Three colors for the iris. (So I can recolor them.)
  • Four ears: normal, large, pointed, and knife-like.
  • Four noses: no nose, button nose, straight nose (Roman-ish?), large nose.
  • (Optional) Five expressions: default, angry, happy, sad, crying (sad). (The current ones show, but they're subtle.)

All assets need to be about 40x40px, but no larger than 64x64. All files need to be transparent .pngs.


Placeholder ears: