Lets Make A Free To Play Game!

Lets Make A Free To Play Game!

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whats up everyone,

I am a 2d game programmer looking for someone to team up with and make a simple free to play 2d game that will be released for mobile ect. This will not be a paid project since im in no position to offer any funds but more on the hobby side and brushing up skills side of things.

I am able to code all the things needed for the project, I will be using Construct 2 since i have been playing around with the engine for a few years and it allows me to export to multiple platforms with ease, The initial release will be on Google Play Market since i am registered with them and ready to export applications.

The game will be played on one screen with no lvl changes to keep it even more simple. If you feel like you want to hear more about it just read below and let me know if your up for it. 


Game Type -   Train/ Locomotive Tapping Game 

Concept - Tap the screen to make your train move across the United States/ World.

Art Style -  Any will work as long as we capture the vision intended. The main focus of art will be placed in different train cars for the player to earn and hook together, Along with backgrounds that will change depending on where the player is on the world map.

Screen Res - 720x1080  This will be made to play with one hand in portrait view.

 Game Engine- Construct 2 for fast exporting and fast dev time.

Thank you all and if i missed any info just let me know! if you would like to work on this project just email me at emoneydatruth@gmail.com on my music account.