Sprite Sheet Animator [v2.1]

Sprite Sheet Animator [v2.1]

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I've made a simple JavaScript sprite sheet animator / previewer.

It supports files from your PC and from the web. 

You can generate link to the animation for sharing the preview.


v2.1 - supports exporting animated sprites to GIF files.
Edit: for some reason it only works with sprites imported from your PC and not web-linked sprites.


Example 1: File from web

Example 2: File from my PC (base64 encoded)



URL: https://is.si/animator/




 2018-09-10 v2.1
 - implemented saving animation to GIF
 2018-06-23 v2.0
 - implemented animation with Canvas element for nicer up-scaling
 - added UI controls (slider, buttons, frame number)
 - added option to reverse animation
 - added sheet spacing option
 - added option to save settings to local storage
 2013-07-31 v1.0
 - initial release