Single player "moba" game like League of Legends

Single player "moba" game like League of Legends

Hello! Now I am working on creating a game similar to League of Legends, which will work in the browser. For now, I'm only creating a single mode. Help me find the resources that would allow me to do this. However, I do not want to create a complete copy of the game, but to create something original.


The game will be open source and will be posted on github and github pages. I do not plan to make money on this. And I can not pay for resources. Developing for fun.


I need a set of tiles with movement and attack animations similar to this for the following units:


- Melee minions;

- Caster Minion;

- Siege Minion (optional);

- Super Minion (optional);


For Caster Minion and Siege Minion, projectile animations will be needed.




- Animation of movement and attack;

- The sound of the attack;


4 skills of the hero Q, W, E, R:


- Cast animation;

- Cast sound;

- Animation of the projectile of a skill or area in which it will act;




- The image of the tower;

- The sound of the attack tower;

- shell tower;


Nexus, inhibitor, forest, command bases, map edges.


You can look at a sample map from Legue of Legends.


Background music.


But I think that's not all.


I would be grateful even for a link to a resource that may be useful to me in the development of this game.


Here you can see the trial version, which I got. It turned out fun :)


I'm sorry. My English is bad. The text has been translated via Google Translate.