My Art Request

My Art Request

Hello everyone,

I am currently redesigning the client/launcher for my MMORPG, I want to make sure it is something I can hold onto as a cherished piece of original artwork that will stand well against the battle of time.

What I desire:
I want a launcher that has a Planet that rotates slowly in the center. Which also has smaller planets or large moons rotating around it. The Moons will act as the buttons for various worlds or games we partner with or build. It will be a universal launcher that can update each game as the user wants. A progress bar and some buttons would be needed.

On top of all that I would like this main planet to be the base of a massive tree which roots are like a octopus curling every which way around it. I had thoughts of no background image so the launcher floats on the screen. But a wicked space nebula as a background is also appealing, the space image must rotate so it will need to be animated, GIF or flash should be fine.

The theme is horror and it will be given its own original music from the soundtrack we made. If you look at my website you will see skulls, dragons and other demonic creatures. This is a mature game, I won't complain if there is nudity as long as it is not male.

What to expect:
This is your chance to get wild and crazy, help us make this unique launcher so slick that your portfolio leaves the atmosphere!

Willing to contract revenue share. Work trading for other projects is ok. Asset exchange (I am versatile). Low payments monthly as last resort(40$ School is killing me).

I will request that the content created be restricted to portfolio use only. No resale or distribution of the work. This is to create Original Content capable of being displayed side by side the already made "original" artwork.

Example art as reference: -tree should be larger and cover half the planet.  - Need at least 6 moons to rotate counter clockwise, planet rotates clockwise. Stars should rotate at an off angle. - More skulls the better! 

I look forward to hearing from you soon! Have a wonderful day!


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