The Fall ALL-OGA Game Jam! 2019

The Fall ALL-OGA Game Jam! 2019

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It's that time of year again, leaves are falling, time to fall ourselves, fall in love with some spectacular OGA powered games that is!


Announcing The Fall ALL-OGA Game Jam! 2019

This will be an 'all-OGA' jam similar to last year's Fall game jam, so all art/music/sound must come from or be made available on OGA by the end of the jam, with an exception for logo, title and musical theme related art.

Jam runs from November 1 to midnight November 30.

Asking entries to include a list of credits in the description text as well as in an in-game credits this time.  Other than that, rules are pretty much same as ever.  See the page for full details.

There's an optional theme of 'Harvest Time' with a recommendation that folks harvest some great game ideas from XomAdept's game ideas thread:


thanks to Chasersgaming for drawing Sara for the banner, and to LisadiKaprio and
ansimuz for their OGA submissions that chasersgaming and I used to create the full banner.  (see the itch page for proper credits ;)

I have a set of 'Made For..' logos made up.  They basically just tack 'Made For' on top of the Jam banner.  Will post shortly, but if anyone else wants to take a crack at a 'Made For' banner for the jam, feel free!

fall 2019 game jam logo.png fall 2019 game jam logo.png 9.2 Kb [2 download(s)]