July 2020 Art Challenge - Monster Village

July 2020 Art Challenge - Monster Village

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This months's theme is:

Monster Village

This theme comes from bobjh who says:

"In a fantasy setting there are often plenty of assets available for the good guys, but not so many for the villains of the story: the orcs, goblins, trolls, ogres, and so forth. So my challenge suggestion is: Create assets for filling out and populating a crude village of evil goblinoids and their cohorts." 

Here we'll be expanding bobjh's concept to include any kind of monsters (not just goblinoids) and anything you might see or hear in such a village.  So could a town of ghosts, zombies, or evil masterminds.  A theme song for a monster village, a whole concert from the monster orchestra or a collection of sounds often heard in the monster village.  Anything that springs to mind when you hear the words 'Monster Village.'

The submission with the most favorites by close-of-vote wins!

Challenge and voting starts Wednesday July 1, 2020.  
Have all your entries submitted by end of the day on Tuesday, July 21st, 2020.
Voting closes one week after that at 11:59 PM Tuesday, July 28th.
That's three weeks to submit and 1 week to vote.

You may start working on a submission as soon as you like. 
There is no rule against starting or even finishing a submission in advance.
Just don't submit anything to OGA until the submission period officially begins.

You can 'favorite' as soon as you see a submission you like, no need to wait for anything.


Be sure to tag your submissions with both a "Challenge" and "Monster Village" tag.
Also, post a link to your submission in this thread as well.