Dear Sound Designers

Dear Sound Designers

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Hello fellow Gamedevs and Artists!
I am new here and registered here, because i am making a Game.

I am pretty satisfied, on how my game evolves so far, but the topic i have most trouble with is the Audio. I am by far no Musician or Sounddesigner, so all i can do is open up audacity and play almost randomly with the filters and effects, until i get a satisfying result. Which brings me back to topic.

In my game the Hero Card can increase its Stats Might, Magic & Treasury.
I have the Sound for Might upgrade and Treasury upgrade and i am very happy with them. Based on CosmicD´s epic Amulet.
Files are uploaded as reference.

My problem is, that i cannot get a satisfying sound for Magic stat increase.
It should sound similar to the other two, but also should have more a magic vibe. Its hard for me to be more specific, cause i simply dont have a clear vision.

Any Sounddesigner is welcome to offer some suggestion.

If there is a composer or sounddesigner here that is interested in making epic battle Music (lots of heavy drums) and looking for a project, I would be more than glad to have someone with a good feeling for audio/music on my side. I am a solo dev, working for free and will release the game for free. I cannot offer any payment.


might_upv4.mp3 might_upv4.mp3 18.8 Kb [2 download(s)]

treasury_up.mp3 treasury_up.mp3 21.9 Kb [5 download(s)]