[Updated Apr. 9] Potential contributors: Here's what we need at the moment

[Updated Apr. 9] Potential contributors: Here's what we need at the moment

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Right now the editor is a bit buggy due to some changes I made to the underlying code.  Here are a couple outstanding issues that need to be fixed  This is all C++ stuff:

  • [DONE] The grey map background doesn't draw every frame, which makes things really messy when switching maps and layers.
  • [DONE] The editor always thinks you're editing tiles, even when it's in Entity mode.
  • [DONE] You should be able to drag entities in entitiy mode.  I feel like I implemented this at one point, but it's not working, possibly due to the above issue.
  • [DONE] When adding a new entity with a right click, the entity appears in the wrong place.
  • [DONE] An entitiy should be resizeable with the mouse.
  • [DONE] There should be a status bar that shows the x,y position of the mouse on the map.
  • [DONE] The tile select box isn't working right for wide tilesets.

The battle script needs some work as well.  This is all JS/QML stuff:

  • [IN PROGRESS] The layout of the battle UI is crap and needs to be redone.
  • [DONE] Right now the enemies don't actually do anything. They need at least a rudimentarty AI.
  • [DONE] We need to get a generic attack animation working, which we'll eventually want to replace with per-ability attack animations.

Other JS/QML stuff:

  • [DONE] Shops and inns aren't implemented yet.
  • [DONE] Leveling up isn't implemented yet.
  • Saving the game needs to work.


I'm commissioning a set of attack animations, but we could always use more.  Feel free to add to our existing 16x16 tilesets or create new ones.  The one thing that I ask is that you run a sample of your work by me before you spend hours and hours on it -- I'm kind of picky about the art that will go into the game, and I'd rather not turn someone down after they've spent a ton of time working on something.  In general, I'm looking for fairly experienced pixel artists, but if you're thick skinned, don't frustrate easily, and willing to learn, feel free to get in touch with me.  It's an iterative process, so I won't turn art down outright without at least telling you what the issues are.


The editor is done, so we need some content.  If you're up for making some maps, let me know and I'll help you get the editor working (if you run Windows, that's easiest -- just grab the binary).  Here are the maps we need:

  • Several house interiors, including a shop and an inn.
  • An update to the town that expands it and uses the new forest tileset.
  • [DONE] A sewer map, large enough to be interesting.

We also need game data, which at the moment needs to be done in spreadsheets (in the final version, this will be done in the editor).

If you want to work on these spreadsheets, at the moment they need to be exported to JSON format.  Here's a tutorial on that:


NOTE: People are having issues with the editor and engine, particular in windows XP.  If you're experiencing trouble, use tiled for now and I'll import the maps later.