Anybody know of a good town sim game set?

Anybody know of a good town sim game set?

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I'm working on an introductory book on coding, and for the last few chapters, I'm thinking about leading the reader through development of a town simulation game (think Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing, Racoon Lagoon, etc.). This would be 2D, JRPG style.

I've looked around here and found a few tile sets that might help, but it's hard to assemble all the pieces in a consistent style. It's just a 3-chapter demo, so it doesn't need to be extensive, but I would need at least:

- grass and soil
- trees/bushes/rocks
- several kinds of garden crops
- several houses/buildings
- several characters (don't need a lot of animation, front view only would be fine)
- ideally, some farm animals too

That'd be enough to make a basic cycle of farming, resource gathering, and interacting with the neighbors.

Quite likely all this on one sprite sheet is too much to hope for, but I thought I'd ask. :)

- Joe

P.S. If anybody is excited enough about this idea to want to participate, the final game will be open-source and the art can go here on OGA.