Content ideas for Orange

Content ideas for Orange

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Hello everyone,

With Orange coming along nicely, it seems like now might be a good time to start throwing around some ideas for various points of content.  Beyond gameplay and story elements, one thing that most RPG series tend to do is establish a few recurring themes, character types or other similar elements (EG: Black/Red/White mages, chocobos, master pugs in FF, slimes in DQ).  I imagine that the first game produced in ORANGE will be relatively short and simple, but it will also be laying the foundation for future works, so it might be good to get some of these things started.  Also, it's one of the more fun sides of development.


Anyway, my idea for this thread is that you can both post ideas/concepts (in varying stages of completion, from rough sketch to polished, game-ready pixelart) and also make comments/suggestions on/edits to the ideas that other people have posted.


I will start with a random concept I came up with in class a few days back.  It is a class design, something along the lines of a FF black-mage I suppose.  Here is a kind of cruddy sketch with cruddier edits in PS (, and an attempt at making an ingame-sprite version of it: