Graphics for RPG Designer

Graphics for RPG Designer

Hi everyone, I have a new project called RPG Designer.  I created this project as my senior project in college for my bachelors in computer science(meaning I have to get it working or else I cannot graduate). "RPG Designer is an open source and cross platform rpg game creator toolkit that allows easy creation and distribution of 2d rpgs to your friends and clients no matter which operating system they use." The project itself is released under the New BSD license.  I can code the project, but I am artistically challenged so I thought I would come here to see if anyone wanted to help by donating art. 

For this project I need sets of blank 32x32 sprites one for male and one for female.  Then I need a decent collection of hair for the male sprite, and hair for the female sprite.  Then a decent collection of attire for each.  With this collection I would be able to integrate a sprite editor into my project.  Of course since this is to allow people to create their own rpgs, I don't need a specific style like scifi, western, etc.  They should all look similar and play well together, but it should include a variety of different themes.  They would have to be released under a license that played well with the new bsd license, so people could create their RPG games with my project and not worry about licensing issues with the art under their own projects.  

I am also in great need of some awesome looking tilesets for the mapeditor I am working on.  Different themes for this as well.  They should be licensed under something that plays well with the new bsd as well for the same reasons.  

There are tons of pieces of music and some great sound effects on this website already, that I feel will work well.  But if anyone wants to specifically make some or point some out that will work well with the project I would greatly appreciate that as well.  

Unfortunately being a poor college student I am not able to pay money for this.  If multiple people wanted to help that would be ok.  If you donate art/music I will add your name to credits under the help menu of the program.  

Many thanks,