Text-2-image to parse RTS map tiles (Dune2021)

Text-2-image to parse RTS map tiles (Dune2021)

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I know that is a weird topic title, but I have no idea how to clarify...

Basically, I want to reboot an old RTS project I was working on.  It used a 'Dune II - Battle For Arrakis' tileset terrain map format, that stores each tile as an ASCII character, and also automatically forms the terrain sets, as so:-

I looked into Dune2000 tools, but from what I can tell, there's no way to easily bypass the hard-coded limits of their size limitations.  I'm looking at having maps up to 2048x2048 tiles, with tiles 256* or even 512* (for posterity), and many extra custom tiles too, so none of these tools seem like they're going to cut it, even if it were commercially viable to do so, which I doubt.  Those numbers might sound crazy but, the project would feature multiple levels of view angles and zoom, along with safeguarding for posterity and ensuring scalability.

So, I'm either asking if anyone knows free software that might be capable of doing this, or if anyone is interested in being commissioned to create it for us?

It doesn't need to be elegant or optimised for performance, since it's only for creating maps, but does have some strict requirements in terms of which ASCII character represents which graphic in the tileset, since we already have maps from the past we'd like to port up.  The backend workhorse could be something like ImageMagick and I actually already have some idea how to achieve that, but, the terrain formation graphic I posted above is the biggest hurdle for me, even if I could program something to read/write those text maps.  The terrain formation is really important.

Further commissions will be possible since I have a lot of ideas what a map editor like this could do, to decorate maps and (half)-intelligently relate tiles together.