12 Isometric Walls

12 Isometric Walls

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12 Isometric walls, I am doing this for the first time, please tell me what you think. Usually I just code games but I wanted to make a sim game and I thought I could share what I have made. I will be making more, and if the comments are positive I will upload them too :). If it seems unclear how to use these textures, I am willing to make a tutorial on the drawing part.

Edit #2 (21/5/2012): More texture variations added, so no windows yet, sowwy guise :(.

Edit (21/5/2012): I added an overlay for doors, which can be added on any wall in game, so if the player chooses a wallpaper and want to place a door there, the wallpaper stays intact. Of course it has a different shading so the shading is included as well, if the door is facing to the right it needs its old shading, because the whole door is covered in shadow. Stay tuned for more, next up: Windows.

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Please give me credit by providing a link to profile. That's all :).
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