16*16 Ship Collection

16*16 Ship Collection


Here is a good collection of 16*16 space ships, ready for action. :)

Some time ago I started making these for a space strategy game I'm working on, and originally intented to make just a few. But then I sort of got addicted into drawing these, and eventually decided to make it a "full set" of 100 ships and post it here.

So, here we have 95 ship/space station designs, in 5 color themes, and some extras too. The ships themselves are made with just 6 colors (4 grays + 2 "faction colors"), so it should be quite easy to do palette switches on them by using GIMP or some other program.

Attribution Instructions:

These graphics are in the Public Domain.
Attribution is not needed.

But if you wish to give me credit, then you can mention "Master484" as the original author, and maybe also put a link to my website: http://m484games.ucoz.com/

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