16x16 JRPG tilesets enlarged 2x

16x16 JRPG tilesets enlarged 2x

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(Submitted by bart)
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I can't take credit for any of these, but I'm using them in a project that wants 32x32 tiles, so I thought it might be convenient for people if I uploaded the enlarged and arranged versions of these tilesets. 

Credit information:

  • The cave, desert, sewer, and overworld sets are by MrBeast
  • The interior tileset is by RedShrike
  • The Town tiles are by Surt, modified by Blarumyrran
  • The snow town tiles are a modification of the above town tileset by Sharm
  • The forest tiles contained in the town set are by Sharm.
  • If you use these sets together, in addition to crediting the authors, you must also include a link in your credits to http://opengameart.org

These tilesets can be found individually in this collection.



classical_temple_tiles.png classical_temple_tiles.png 65.3 Kb [3891 download(s)]
tilesetformattedupdate1.png tilesetformattedupdate1.png 37.3 Kb [3307 download(s)]
town_snow.png town_snow.png 6.2 Kb [3038 download(s)]
desert.png desert.png 42.3 Kb [2794 download(s)]
cave.png cave.png 64.2 Kb [2825 download(s)]
sewer_1.png sewer_1.png 52.9 Kb [2612 download(s)]
town_forest_tiles.png town_forest_tiles.png 13.7 Kb [3962 download(s)]