2D ships for a space strategy game

2D ships for a space strategy game

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These are graphics for a space strategy game which I once started, but as usual lost interest in it after one month. :D

The plan was to make a light turn-based space strategy with cool ship battles; a little bit like Master of Orion. But then I realized how big this project would be, and how much work was needed, and so I abandoned it, and again all that was left was a lot of unused graphics.

And because I won't need them, I'll share them. :)

Included in the file are various ship types; battleships, carriers, cruisers, fighters, and others. Also there are some "map icons", buttons and other miscellaneous stuff.

In addition to strategy games the ships might be usable in shoot'em ups as well, but you're free to use them as you please.


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These graphics are in the Public Domain.
Attribution is not needed.

But if you wish to give me credit, then you can mention "Master484" as the original author, and maybe also put a link to my website: http://m484games.ucoz.com/

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