Basic Tower

Basic Tower

(Submitted by PrettyLobster)
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Basic Tower for a tower defense game, if people are interested I will be making more towers in the same style, but then for instance more epic so it looks like it will do more firepower. The tower base will stay the same unless requested otherwise. I am new here. I make games for fun, I develop in XNA, but some times I make art as well. Here a 3d model, if anyone needs a sprite sheet that is okay as well. If I have to convert it to an other file type it's okay as well. The base, head, and turret are seperated objects. So everything can be rotated as you wish.


I added the Dae file. Sorry for the inconvenience, model was build in Sketchup, I hope it was exported correctly.

I forgot who the textures were from, they came from this website, if anyone can help me I will edit this post /w Credits.

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