Best Hexagonal (Hex, Hexagon) Tilesets for Tilemaps

Best Hexagonal (Hex, Hexagon) Tilesets for Tilemaps


A collection of the best looking, usable and (relatively) complete hex / hexagon / hexagonal tilesets for designing tilemaps. 

These tilesets allow use in commercial projects. Tilesets whose only license is GPL are specifically excluded from this collection. However, I can make mistakes or licenses may change, so you should still verify that a tileset's license is compatible with your intended use.

Note: Unfortunately, hexagon tilesets are few and far between.  Until this situation improves I will include some of the lesser quality or incomplete hex tilesets. 


GPL Licensed Tilesets:

- I do not include GPL licensed tilesets in the list. But there's one that's worth mentioning, if only due to the lack of hex tiles: hexagonal colorful cartoony tiles