Cactus - Animated

Cactus - Animated


This is a low-poly Cactus modeled and animated, from scratch, in Blender.  Originally modeled as a Desert monster (enemy) in a video game project that was programmed to chase the player, I've decided to put it (and various other pieces) on OpenGameArt for your personal use.  This Cactus only contains a diffuse texture, as the video game project in which it was used was a 3rd-person Android App.  I used a single diffuse map to cut down on processing power.

The Cactus itself is available in the .Blend file that I provide below, and it is rigged to a simple but effective skeleton which contains 7 loopable keyframes for the Attack animation, 7 for the Walk animation, and 1 keyframe for the Idle pose.  The Walk animation sways back-and-forth, and the Attack animation rears back before flinging forward (in the video game project, the cactus shoots quills at the player on the keyframe).

This page for the model also contains a download of the original UV-Map in case you would like to add your own flair or color scheme to the Cactus.

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