Cleaned-up base human models

Cleaned-up base human models

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I basically cleaned up the base human models pfunked made for them to better suit blender model exporters of various game engines. This is still a blender 2.49 file though, I might convert it to 2.5 when needed.

The original:

What I did is the following:

1. apply the rotation and the scale that the skeleton had
2. rest-pose is still the T-pose, not what you see when opening the file. Go "Pose->Clear Transform" and clear all of them in pose mode to get the rest pose. Or "Pose->Apply pose as rest pose" to, well, use the one you see as a rest pose.

Things still to do, but less dramatic:

1. cannot move/rotate the model by moving/rotating the skeleton object. Need to do both.

When using it, attribute both pfunked and me.

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