Coins Sound Effects Library

Coins Sound Effects Library

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Coins Sound Effects Library is a realistic representation of Coins and Gems sound effects for creating a nice tactile experience when picking up gold, purchasing, ect. It contains:

  • 56 Single Coin Sounds
  • 46 Few Coins Sounds
  • 23 Several Coins Sounds
  • 14 Pouring Coins Sounds
  • 7 Single Gem Sounds
  • 2 Few Gem Sounds

Total: 151 SFX!

All sounds are isolated and premixed in Mp3 and ready for use. This package even includes an entire copy of all 45 sounds in high definition Wav format if you want to tweak the sounds yourself, and retain the good sound.

Listen to an extensive sound demo at SoundCloud: Click here for demo.


Questions? Please write me at, and I'll get back to you right away!

Little Coin Robot

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