Dice collection D6-D10 16x16px

Dice collection D6-D10 16x16px

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A small collection of dice to use for low-res or "blocky" games.

  • All dice are 16x16 pixels
  • Dice sets come in 10 hue variations : deep blue, purple, pink, red, orange, yellow, lime green, green, cyan, light blue
  • Base dice use few colours and are easy to re-colorise

D6 specifications

  • "Casino"-style : sharp edge, large pips, semi-transparent (sum of two opposite sides = 7)
  • Also inclue 0-9 pips variant (sum of two "opposite" side = 9, though that's not physically possible)

D10 specifications

  • 2 colour variants  for digits : black, white
  • Separate layer for digits
  • 3 styles : flat (solid colours), speckled (light noise), clouded (light shadow)
D6 Casino Base 16x16.png D6 Casino Base 16x16.png 380 b [148 download(s)]
D6 Casino 16x16.png D6 Casino 16x16.png 1.9 Kb [97 download(s)]
D6-10 Casino 16x16.png D6-10 Casino 16x16.png 2.5 Kb [80 download(s)]
D10 Black Flat 16x16.png D10 Black Flat 16x16.png 3.3 Kb [62 download(s)]
D10 Black Speckled 16x16.png D10 Black Speckled 16x16.png 58.7 Kb [56 download(s)]
D10 Black Clouded 16x16.png D10 Black Clouded 16x16.png 36 Kb [60 download(s)]
D10 White Flat 16x16.png D10 White Flat 16x16.png 3.3 Kb [57 download(s)]
D10 White Speckled 16x16.png D10 White Speckled 16x16.png 59.9 Kb [46 download(s)]
D10 White Clouded 16x16.png D10 White Clouded 16x16.png 35.5 Kb [55 download(s)]
Dice collection 16x16.zip Dice collection 16x16.zip 521.5 Kb [147 download(s)]