Fenrir Wolf (Pixel) Sprite

Fenrir Wolf (Pixel) Sprite

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This is a 'pixel art' style sprite generated from PK Illustration's Fenrir Wolf. Much like the Flamelings Sprites I made out of Surt's Flamelings, this is a scaled-down version of the high-resolution art, color reduction and touched up by hand.

The palette could really use some retooling and, naturally, dithering techniques could further reduce the colors from 18 down to 12 or less I think (lots of similar color variations, particularly in the greys). Plus, the palette doesn't have a lot of contrasting colors.

BUT, it works. Hope this works for someone.

Side note: I left this at a smaller resolution because I scale it up 2x in a current game for a large enemy/boss type thing.


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As per PK Illustration's original post: Just include me in the credits, and please send me an email at patthompson008@gmail.com so I can see what where my wolf is traveling to! :)
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