Fire icon

Fire icon

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A concept art for an icon for a fire spell or a fire effect (or even for the fire element itself). Came out almost randomly while I was 'playing' with myPaint. Available both with painted and plain gray background.

EDIT: added a third version with a bit more flames and a different background; ask if you want a plain background for the third.

EDIT: added another version - this should be the last =) - with the hand under it; I know that the blue background doesn't make too much sense with a fire icon, but I like it this way. If you want a different background just ask me.

Feel free to give opinions on how to improve this picture.

fire_0.png fire_0.png 148.7 Kb [289 download(s)]
fire_no_bkg.png fire_no_bkg.png 72.4 Kb [137 download(s)]
fire_ii_0.png fire_ii_0.png 79.8 Kb [139 download(s)]
fire_iii.png fire_iii.png 205.9 Kb [1315 download(s)]