fps arms (rigged only)

fps arms (rigged only)

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There's kind of a lack of 3d arms for a first person view on OGA so maybe this crude first attempt can perhaps even be useful to someone.

As of yet it's only rigged, hopefuly someone will give animating a shot, as I still need to practice and learn a lot. The rig uses IK and a 'handle' bone (blue color bones in the preview) for quick arm posing and a constraint modifier on finger bones for quick curling of fingers.. just so you know, as you'll probably want to turn these off at some point...

Credit goes to makehuman team, as I used their tool for the mesh and texture, I only cleaned up the mesh and rig a bit, re-baked the texture for new UVs etc..

Mesh is ~4000 verts / ~8000 tris, texture 1024x1024  (source was 2048, and the arms were only a part of it)

-edit: contains two .blend and .fbx files, one is "T-Pose" and the other is with a sample animation (very crude)

fps arms.7z fps arms.7z 1.4 Mb [10646 download(s)]