Galaxy Skybox

Galaxy Skybox


This is a 1024x1024 pixel highres version of the nightsky in LinWarrior 3D.

Serving suggestions:

  • 2D Space Shootem Up with scrolling backdrop - just rotate the skycube like a hamster wheel.
  • 3D Space Shootem Up.
  • Space exploration and trading game.
  • Add clouds and some haze for a night sky - maybe mixing with another skybox.
  • Don't forget to add planets, sun(s) and moon(s) to set youself on another world.
  • Change the mood with color rotation, saturation, brightness and contrast.

If you have further suggestions or use it please leave a comment and a link.

The Textures are marked for use on the corresponding axis - anyway you may fiddle a bit to get the right rotation around that axis.

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