Goblin Corps (MV Platformer Set)

Goblin Corps (MV Platformer Set)

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"Durgan Kal is where I lost me left eye. Listen well, boy, the only thing there harder than the goblin warriors is the goblin whiskey, and either's as likely to leave yer skull split open come mornin'."  --Torvald Two-Eyes (he wears a monocle)

Another MV Platformer character set - a horde of goblins!  Perfect for guarding treasure and harassing decent adventuring folk in a low-res dungeon or cavern.  Includes a naked base, and all the following:

= Costumes =

  • Peasant garb (brown, blue, red, gray)
  • Robe (brown, blue, red, gray)
  • Assassin gi (brown, blue, red, gray)
  • Samurai gi
  • Soldier's gear
  • Plate mail (steel, gold)

= Headgear =

  • Cloth cap (brown, blue, red, gray)
  • Floppy hat (brown, blue, red, gray)
  • Cowl (brown, blue, red, gray)
  • Bamboo hat
  • Round helm
  • Plate helm (steel, gold)
  • Crown (silver, gold)

= Actions =

  • Standing (x1)
  • Idle (x1)
  • Walking (x6)
  • Jumping (x3)
  • Damage (x2)
  • Falling (x2)
  • KO (x1)
  • Vertical attack (x4, ground/air)
  • Horizontal attack (x3, ground/air)
  • Punch/jab (x2, ground/air)
  • Block (x1, ground/air)

And, as an extra bonus, I included three basic weapons I came up with while testing animations in-game: hammer (vertical attack), sword (horizontal attack), and knife (jab), all compatible with the previous MV Plat characters (human, skeleton, and satyr).

License is CC0 - do as you wish.  Attribution not necessary (but always appreciated).  Comments and critique are welcome.  If you use this in a project, feel free to drop a link in the comments here or in the Show Off Your Project forum - it's always fun to see my work in the wild.  Enjoy!

goblin.peasant.png goblin.peasant.png 10 Kb [1864 download(s)]
goblin.mage_.png goblin.mage_.png 9.6 Kb [1332 download(s)]
goblin.samurai.png goblin.samurai.png 9.4 Kb [1251 download(s)]
goblin.assassin.png goblin.assassin.png 8.8 Kb [1203 download(s)]
goblin.lord_.png goblin.lord_.png 9.2 Kb [1084 download(s)]
goblin.soldier.png goblin.soldier.png 9.8 Kb [1209 download(s)]
goblin.guard_.png goblin.guard_.png 9.8 Kb [1069 download(s)]
goblin.knight.png goblin.knight.png 10.4 Kb [1170 download(s)]
goblin.centurion.png goblin.centurion.png 10.9 Kb [1098 download(s)]
goblin.battleLord.png goblin.battleLord.png 10.5 Kb [1248 download(s)]
mvGoblin.zip mvGoblin.zip 475.3 Kb [2227 download(s)]