Jerry the Ogre

Jerry the Ogre

Keenan Crane
(Submitted by LFA)
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This is the head and blendshapes of Jerry the Ogre,  who is apparently a recurring guest in computer graphics research papers.

It includes smoothed blendshapes for the head and a low-poly control mesh.

Author's description:

Several people have asked me for the model of this ogre, who starred in our ray tracing paper. Since there are few models available to researchers which include anything beyond a triangle mesh, I've also included the following data:

  • the original Catmull-Clark control mesh
  • five blend shape triangle meshes (with normals)
  • occlusion maps for each of the blend shapes
  • a texture atlas
  • a diffuse color map
  • a displacement map
  • a normal map
  • a geometry image

As the sole author of this data, I hereby release it into the public domain. Informally, however, there's an ``unacceptable use policy'' - if you end up using it in a paper, please try to do something malicious to it.


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