LPC cliffs/mountains with grass top and more!

LPC cliffs/mountains with grass top and more!

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I had a use for the LPC mountain/cliff tiles, but leading up to a grass-covered area rather than a dirt/sand covered one, as in the original assets.

This is almost as simple as overlaying the "grassalt" transition tiles on top of it, but some the the diagonal ramps need a little bit of editing to come out ok.


Update: I added snow and dark dirt transitions as well. The latter is a straight recolour of the default light dirt one (but the dark dirt is a recolour of the light dirt anyway). I'm not entirely happy with the snow, I think there needs to be some snow on the cliff side as well, but my attempts at drawing that ended up looking like random white pixels rather than snow drifts...

It's also a bit hard to see what the northern grass transition is a transition from, so I may tweak that a bit as well.

LPC_cliffs_grass.png LPC_cliffs_grass.png 26.8 Kb [1703 download(s)]
LPC_cliffs_ddirt.png LPC_cliffs_ddirt.png 22.4 Kb [1392 download(s)]
LPC_cliffs_snow.png LPC_cliffs_snow.png 25.4 Kb [1243 download(s)]
LPC_cliffs_sand.png LPC_cliffs_sand.png 24.4 Kb [1262 download(s)]