LPC Weapons: two bows, a spear and a trident

LPC Weapons: two bows, a spear and a trident


Some extra weapons in LPC style, based on wulax's LPC submission: http://opengameart.org/content/lpc-medieval-fantasy-character-sprites

The weapons include: a recurve bow, a longbow/greatbow, a spear and a trident. The weapons should work with wulax's male LPC animations.

Thanks to wulax for making the base animations and weapons (these weapons are edits of his). Also thanks to gr3yh47 for helping me with the spears and giving some ideas for weapons.

UPDATE: Added a mace and a sabre, both using the LPC slash animation. Both have 128x128 frames instead of 64x64 frames though.

dragonspear.png dragonspear.png 20 Kb [3453 download(s)]
greatbow.png greatbow.png 13.6 Kb [3126 download(s)]
trident.png trident.png 20.7 Kb [2514 download(s)]
mace_sheet.png mace_sheet.png 5.5 Kb [2759 download(s)]
sabre_sheet.png sabre_sheet.png 4.8 Kb [2961 download(s)]
recurvebow_sheet.png recurvebow_sheet.png 13.7 Kb [3092 download(s)]