Mech icons for a tactical mech roguelike

Mech icons for a tactical mech roguelike


These are sprites and tiles for a "mech game" project, which, just like most of my projects, ended up abandoned. :)

The idea here was again to make turn-based tactical shooter, which would focus on mech combat...The Player would be the leader of a mercenary group, travelling around the universe looking for "action"; with possible political, strategic and RPG elements mixed into it...All the missions would be randomly generated, with random maps and random events...

And also there would have been a roguelike "real death" concept: when one of team members died in combat, they would stay dead forever...and if You yourself died, then it would be Game mercy. Every mission would have been a matter of life and death.

And I thought that this idea was very cool, and so I started this mammoth project, studied a lot of a mechwarrior related material, and made plans...but then the usual thing happened: I ran out of energy and motivation.

And so, again all that was left was unused sprites and tiles.

So here they are, pixel mech icons, with some building and terrain tiles. Take them and use them as you wish. :)


Attribution Instructions:

These graphics are in the Public Domain.
Attribution is not needed.

But if you wish to give me credit, then you can mention "Master484" as the original author, and maybe also put a link to my website:

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