Mushroom Patch

Mushroom Patch

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This is a low-poly .OBJ file modelled, UV-Unwrapped and exported from Blender.  Originally modelled as a piece of background art for a Forest landscape in a video game project, I've decided to put it (and various other pieces) on OpenGameArt for your personal use.  The .OBJ file itself is composed of multiple single "Mushroom.OBJ" meshes joined together into a single mesh.  Thus, the same texture for "Mushroom.OBJ" will also accurately map itself to "Mushroom Patch.OBJ".

This model only contains diffuse textures, as the video game project in which it was used was a 3rd-person Android App.  I used diffuse maps to cut down on processing power.

This model is accompanied by the original texture of the UV-Map in case you would like to add your own flair to the mushrooms.  It also includes two different color maps for the mushroom, but only one map can be applied to this Object at once.

480 Tris.

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Please attribute/credit "Panther-One".
MushroomPatch.obj MushroomPatch.obj 18.2 Kb [232 download(s)]
Mushroom UV.png Mushroom UV.png 167.5 Kb [136 download(s)]
Mushroom Brown.png Mushroom Brown.png 519.7 Kb [125 download(s)]
Mushroom Green.png Mushroom Green.png 591.4 Kb [120 download(s)]