NetSlash UI stuff

NetSlash UI stuff

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From NetSlash, yet another unfinished game of mine... It was supposed to be a top-down multiplayer swordfighting game, but I got a bit stuck on the "multiplayer" part.

I actually managed to make some good pixel art for it, though. The tiles I made are in another submission. I'm not publishing the character animation, because it's kinda crappy. (I'm really bad at drawing people, even at 16px)

These are the UI elements I made. I quite like how these turned out. There's an overlay that flashes when the player gets hit, tiles for a Zelda-style health bar, and level/experience bars. (Yes, the 3-level thing was going to be a blatant ripoff of Cave Story.)

  • The yellow versions of the health and experience bars were intended for a Mortal Kombat kinda thing where when you lose health, the amount you lost turns yellow and slides back with a little animation.
  • If you use the damage overlay, try drawing it with different levels of opacity depending on how dead the player is.
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