OGA 2.0 progress as of Feb. 5

OGA 2.0 progress as of Feb. 5

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I spent most of the day today working on porting features from the current OGA to OGA 2.0, and I have some encouraging developments.

  • I developmed my own Medals code (replacing the Badges module).  It's simple enough that it won't be a royal pain to maintain it.  The code is clean enough that I'm able to easily filter out medals that are superceded by other medals.
  • Turns out you *can* associate nodes with multiple Organic Groups, which allows me to have art collections without messing around with node references.  I've set up a couple of collections, and they seem to be working so far.
  • The Flag module works now, which means favorites are working.
  • I've implemented a rudimentary working version of an art event histor.y (revisions, forks, etc).  It's currently built on nodes, but I may end up building it on comments instead, so it will mesh seamlessly with user comments.
  • User accounts should allow avatar pictures now, but I haven't tested this. :)
  • The Advanced Forum module has been ported to D7.  I've installed it, but I haven't really done anything with it yet.
  • The Notifications module is in alpha now, and I've installed it.
  • I set up the Panels module as well.  I'm told it's super cool.

So, what remains to be done?

  • Everything will need to be tweaked and refined. 
  • The OGA 2.0 theme is still just a mockup.
  • The database migration.  Drupal's Migrate module looks promising, but it's going to take a lot of coding and trial and error to get the database moved over correctly.  There isn't an exact 1:1 field mapping between the current art nodes and the ones in OGA 2.0, which means that a direct migration isn't going to work.  Instead, I'm using this big change as a chance to correct some major design flaws that have been holding us back.
  • A lot of modules still generate random error messages.  They'll have to stabilize a bit more before we'll be able to go out of beta.  That said, there's a good chance that will happen before the OGA 2.0 code is ready.
  • I'll need to build a snazzy interface for actually collecting art.  Hopefully somthing easier than the DeviantArt one (Click and start to drag image....  wait five seconds for collections bar to load...  drag image to collections bar.... wait five seconds for collections bar to disappear.... etc)
  • I haven't even started on audio previews yet. 
  • OGA custom modules wil need to be packaged and uploaded to Drupal contrib.  This should help other people who want to contribute code to OGA do so more easily.