OGA's next donation goal!

OGA's next donation goal!

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If you're reading this blog entry, there's a good chance you've noticed we've reached out current fundraising goal to purchase the two excellent 3D models I blogged about previously!  I'm currently waiting to receive a check pledged in the mail -- once that clears, I'll make the purchase and post the models on the site. 

In the meantime, it's time to put up the next donation goal: $200 for a double set of spell icons by eleazzaar (picture shown to the left is from the very popular first set, which OGA commissioned last month).  The new icons icons will include:

  • lightning

  • ice shards flying

  • boulder(s) flying through the air

  • entangling thorny vines

  • Beam of light  (all nine colors)

  • Speed boost

  • ~6 more sets (depending on number of colors)
  • Frames for the icons

Contributors of $40 or more may specify a spell idea to be included in the set (3 power levels, in 3 colors of the artist's choice).  We'll keep the list up to date as it's being expanded.

UPDATE: Here are some preview images from the next set, already in progress: