By: Quandtum
License: CC-0
Blender Version: 2.65, r52859
Model Version: 1.0

Part of the Bot Siege project @

What is included:
1 x Pallet base mesh (190 vertices, 357 Edges, 195 faces, 324 Tris, UV unwrapped)
1 x Diffuse map (2048 x 2048)
1 x Normal map (2048 x 2048)
1 x Bump map (2048 x 2048)
1 x Specular map (2048 x 2048)

Complete model is not manifold, but rather a composition of manifold "parts".  Each part is manifold and all parts were combined into a single mesh named "Pallet".

Maps included are all large 2048 x 2048.  Reason is they can be reduced but not grown, resize them to fit as needed.

No texture manifest, textures done 100% by me.  Still, go checkout


*  UV mappings can and will be made more efficient for mapping.  It will be on the TODO list.

* Floor and texture is not part of this package and only used to make the preview.  If you are interested in it, please see yughues @

Revision History:
    Version 1.0 - Sat Mar 23 10:43:03 CDT 2013; Initial release.

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