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I turned PartArt: Space into It is now an, optionally symmetrical, clip art/stamp style app that  It currently has Skorpio's first spaceship kit encorporated, but each user can create their own packs of images from any valid URL to use in the editing mode. (users see my packs and their own, but no one else's, at least in theory.)

I'd recommend making a throw-away user/pass if you want to give it a try as the project listings are handled poorly at the moment and the test user's account may get very unusable. It is very fragile so do not expect parts and projects to survive later development releases.

To position parts in your own pack: drag part to desired location, then click the part to trigger a silent save of its position within the pack.


There is a defect in the output file when you save an actual png. For now, simply rectangle select the ship, copy, paste as new image, then auto crop, then change color/hue/saturation to meet your needs.

Any interest in this? Ideas?

Dragging background to change view. Tags. Publicly visible packs via approval system. etc..

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The base parts are from Skorpio, so credit Skorpio(?)
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