Pixel Art Tiles from Last Escape

Pixel Art Tiles from Last Escape

Stephen Challener (Redshrike) and Poss (junctions and ruined girders)
(Submitted by Redshrike)
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OK, here are the tiles that I made for Last Escape!  Note that someone else did most of the additions to the steel girders, and when I find out who I'll add them into the credits here (edit--'twas Poss).  These could probably use some work (especially the sand), and I may come back to them at some point.  But for now, here they are in their glorious completion.  Also be sure to check out the game at http://opengameart.org/content/last-escape-reddit-game-jam-entry.

As part of CC-By, please be sure to link back to OpenGameArt.org.

Have fun, and as always I appreciate hearing if you do something with it.


edit: ok, added some more edges to the rock tile!  Maybe more edges for the other tiles in the future!


edit2: added loop edges for blocks.

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xeonrockloop3.png xeonrockloop3.png 18 Kb [4682 download(s)]
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