Pixel People Extras 2

Pixel People Extras 2


This is the second expansion to my Pixel People Pack, which adds another 393 sprites. It's not as large as I wanted it to be, because I've been super ill. If there is anything wrong with it please let me know as I was quite bleh when finishing it off.

If you haven't got the Pixel People Pack you can download it HERE.

You can also download the first expansion HERE.

What's included?

  • 113 Hats
  • 95 Top
  • 90 Masks
  • 40 Facial Hairs
  • 24 Full Bodies
  • 21 Gloves
  • 10 Hairs


Pixel People Extras 2.zip Pixel People Extras 2.zip 30.3 Kb [1072 download(s)]