Planet If - (2005)

Planet If - (2005)

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I have a variety of space art, created as concept art for several space-themed projects.  This is one; I'll upload more as I go through my archives.

Created in 2005, this was for a poster which would have one word:  "If..."  -- it was meant to inspire the viewer to imagine what might lie beyond, if only we could see ourselves through our challenges to meet it.

The Preview image is 2048x2048 and a quarter of the size of the original.  There's also a small slice, suitable for banners.  The original is 8192x8192 (4mb) and is included below the slice image.  Currently, there's no other art for Planet If available -- my methods were arcane and I haven't yet excavated the other source files.  If I do, I'll add them.

Although these resources were developed for other purposes, all my prior work is now being channeled into a CC BY-SA open worldbuilding project called Vessel.  Thus this project is included in my Attribution request, along with my name.


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Please Include the following text: CC BY-SA 3.0 -- Heath Rezabek -- Vessel CC --
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