Procedural Terrain

Procedural Terrain

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This is a little test I made for procedural terrain. It has two textures in the zip and the blend file. All the other textures are procedural. This is good as a starting point for terrain if nothing else.

To change the terrain just play with the "height" texture and see the real time changes. If you want to remove sknow just disconnect the snow material node. 

If you can't see the object well in the game engine but you can render it fine do the following: Duplicate object, apply the level of subdivision you want, remove material from the duplicated object and add a new material, set all material nodes from the original as shadeless, bake full render from the original onto the duplicate, if you chose high subdivision for the original you may also want to bake the normal which will require that you first remove the material from the original and then bake the normal map normally or otherwise the nodes will mess up the bake.

After this you should have just a diffuse and if you wanted the normal map for the duplicate object and it should appear normally in the game engine. 

You may also try to do some smoothing in sculpt mode to get the best results. None of the screenshots taken used any sculpting though. 


Donations appreciated and they will be used to improve my 3D through new software or extra time spent on the models. They can be done using this paypal link.

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