Redshrike's RPG enemies, NES version

Redshrike's RPG enemies, NES version

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The following is a version of Redshrike's RPG enemy collection modified to follow the NES' graphical capabilities as closely as possible. Some were recolored a little bit to fit easier, others only had minimal color changes.

Technical info:

* The tiles are intended for a use on a solid black background,

* The tiles are alinged in a 16x16 grid, which is supposed to represent an attribute table grid. As a result of that, the enemies are not aligned (vertically or horizontally) with each other.

* As the NES only allows for 4 colors, including the BG color (black here) on a background layer in a single 16x16 block, some colors will have to be displayed with sprites instead. Such colors, as well as the amount of sprites required, is noted along the image. In areas where background palettes are not obvious, the black is replaced with a different color.

* On a true NES, a selection of enemies used in one encounter will be limited, as it only allows for 4 background palettes and 4 sprite ones (and one of both will probably be used for the interface).

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Stephen Challener, Matthew Nash, Tunicate, Ben "Cookiez" Potter (with a link to this page:, Charles Gabriel, /usr/share. Also include a link to
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