Rhythos Modified LPC Assets

Rhythos Modified LPC Assets


Hey Everyone! First submission here, and it's for modified LPC assets I used in my game, Rhythos. I also pixel-ized and converted these oil painting landscapes: http://opengameart.org/content/oil-painting-landscapes to the LPC palette (field.png, desert.png and swamp.png). frame.gif is just a simplified version of http://opengameart.org/content/lpc-pennomis-ui-elements for making the frames and UI elements. white_shirt_female is a modified and colorized version of the blue_vest (LPC dress, in the universal spritesheet layout) in order to make it look like a shirt. It's similar to the pirate shirt, but it doesn't have any tears in it.

Finally, here's a code snippet that I used to remove the orc head from the body and put it on it's own layer: http://pastebin.com/0Sh44Bhx. This is useful because the head needs to go on top of shirts and armor in the side views (otherwise, the shirt covers the bottom part of the head. The script requires orc.png which is just the orc's head, and then attempts to detect the orc's head by comparing pixels. it's pretty simple.

I'm planning to post more code and open source the engine, just need to clean it up a little (the snippet is pretty messy too).



In case people want to see, here's the full LPC Sprite preoprocessing Java code I used for the game. It's pretty messy, but it converts universal spritesheets into 1216x256 pixel packed spritesheets that include all four directions for walking, but only one direction for attacking since the battle system itself is a side view (and I figured the enemies could all be left handed!): http://pastebin.com/MFfJ6N0U . Running this script with FOLDER set to where you extracted the Unviersal Spritesheet (https://github.com/makrohn/Universal-LPC-spritesheet , with white_shirt_female.png added into the torso folder and orc.png added into the head folder) and OUT set to where you want the generated spritesheets to go will create all of the assets as used in game. Those assets are all included in assets.zip (not including weapons, which requires some modifications of that class depending on what the resolution of the weapons as I support oversize ones.

swamp.png swamp.png 26.1 Kb [979 download(s)]
field.png field.png 27.6 Kb [836 download(s)]
desert.png desert.png 23.2 Kb [667 download(s)]
frame.gif frame.gif 112 b [529 download(s)]
white_shirt_female.png white_shirt_female.png 23.9 Kb [597 download(s)]
orc.png orc.png 605 b [576 download(s)]
assets.zip assets.zip 702.3 Kb [509 download(s)]