Simple Shoot-'em-Up Sprites: Spaceship, Starscape, UFO

Simple Shoot-'em-Up Sprites: Spaceship, Starscape, UFO


Full information is available here:

This mini sprite pack includes:

  • An animated space ship
  • An animated flying saucer (in a few sample colour schemes)
  • A horizontally-tiling space background
  • A starscape (perfect for adding a parallax effect)
  • A giant floating head (for a boss battle!)

The files are in flat image format (GIF or PNG, with the animated files available in both sequential and sprite sheet form). PSDs are also included for everything except the boss.

Artwork created by Jacob Zinman-Jeanes for Gamedevtuts+.

Attribution Instructions: 
These sprites are licensed under the CC BY 3.0 license: We require attribution to Gamedevtuts+, and a link to this post:, from anyone that redistributes the artwork, but we do not require attribution if you use the art in your games (regardless of whether it is for commercial or personal use, or for a prototype or final product).
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