Stencilled water demo

Stencilled water demo

It might not be a game, but it's still a thing: Reflective water with Swirly Surface Technology, inspired by ye olde Quake. It doesn't use shaders, so it should run just fine for anyone still using a graphics card from the 90s, like me.

Water Demo

Rather than relying on stencilling, I was considering using multitexturing so that the reflection could be rendered as a second texture map on the water surface. That way, the reflection texture would wibble when the water texture wobbles. Please note that the words in the previous sentence may or may not be actual technical graphics rendering words.

The mesh is from OpenGameArt (specifically here) and the textures were stolen from OpenArena. Again.

More info here:

EDIT: A sneak preview of my new game: Angelyss Learns To Swim. (Before) (After)